What Is VOLO?

When I first heard of VOLO, the world’s first ever spiritual based MLM company, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit skeptical. My fiance and I aren't religious. Both raised in the Christian faith and taking a different path as we grew to adulthood, I heard "spiritual" and it freaked me out a bit! 

Until I saw this:

There will be programs created specifically to raise the vibration on this planet to one of more love and positivity, towards both self and others. They have already partnered with amazing life & spiritual coaches from around the world to develop life-changing content that will include:

♥ Happiness

♥ Meditation

♥ Mindset

♥ Limiting Beliefs

♥ Relationships

♥ Purpose

♥ Crystal Energy

♥ Law Of Attraction

♥ Manifestation

I was stopped in my tracks. WOAH! Where has this been my whole life?! 

you are lovely.jpg

I've always known I wanted to help people, and I knew I wanted to help make the world a better place...somehow, some way, I wanted to be a part of some kind of movement that did just that. That raised the vibration of the planet, and created a ripple effect that radiated around the globe.

I've been on my own spiritual journey for a few years, but through VOLO, I've been able to connect with so many other like minded individuals already that have helped me progress in that area quicker than I've ever been able to do so on my own. 

People from all walks of life, from everywhere in the world, connecting to help each other, and spread the word of love, light, and positive energy. 

I signed up as a Founding Coach for VOLO two weeks ago and couldn't be more stoked about where this company will be very soon. It's currently in pre-pre-launch mode, with pre-launch estimated to be at the end of April, along with the first challenge called The Soul Warrior Cleanse. More on that soon!

Personally, I struggle with bi-polar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and stress. Meditation, daily affirmations, and gratitude have helped me manage ALL these things. My anxiety and stress are almost a thing of the past! Yoga has helped me with my arthritis as well.

Point is...if this can help me, it can definitely help you! As a founding coach, I get all the courses for free which is SO rad since I know I'll for sure be using all of them. I'm so excited to be on my spiritual journey along side other coaches so we can all learn and grow together as a team.

We're still under 700 coaches, which means you'd be coming in at the perfect time! This is going to be HUGE!

If the stars have aligned and you're being pulled to get more info about the world's first ever spiritual MLM (Multi Level MOVEMENT), VOLO, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook at: Heather Burnette or shoot me an email at freeastheflowers@gmail.com...I'd love to connect with you!

With Volo's courses, I'm ready to level up in life...are you?

Love & Light,